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Situated in the beautiful Cecina River valley, Bibbona retains all the fascination of a medieval village surrounded by green woods and countryside. The wide strip of pinewoods, interrupted only by the fort built by the French in theeighteenth century, defines the boundaries of the four kilometers of town beaches. Worthy of note is the unusual size of the dunes. The residential area of Marina occupies less than one fourth of the adjacent countryside which is still cultivated today.

Much of the landscape is more or less similar to what was passed on to the inhabitants at the time of the drainage of the land. But the pine trees, at the peak of their productive cycle, require consideration and care. The town of Bibbona is now planning to plant more trees to form another strip of pinewoods.

One of the Costa degli Etruschi's most popular holiday resorts, it grew up around an 18th century fort built on the coast to protect against attacks by pirates.

A long, wide sandy beach, sculpted here and there by sand dunes and Mediterranean scrub tombolos, runs between the sea and a splendid thick pine and juniper wood. "Punto Azzurro" serviced public beaches alternate with paid-entry equipped beaches.

Sport, fun and relaxation here are all the ingredients for a holiday to suit everyone's needs.

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Agriturismo Villa Caprareccia
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Via Bolgherese, 5
57020 Bibbona (LI)
Tuscany - Italy
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